Well Hello There!

For whatever reason, you decided to learn some things about me. So here I am, telling you some things about me.

First of all, my name is Amber. This is me:

Picture of Me
Messy Hair, Crooked Necklace = Typical Me

I suppose the most important piece of information that I should let you in on, is why I created this blog.

For six-in-a-half years, I have dedicated my life to grooming myself for Corporate America. I spent four years pursing my Bachelor’s Degree, and two-in-a-half years pursing my Juris Doctorate degree. Now, I am a full-time attorney who is ready to start attacking more of her personal, and creative goals.

I consider myself a creator above all things, and I have always described myself as an artist. For awhile, I tried balancing my creative world and corporate world. I was semi-successful in my undergraduate years, but I completely failed during my law school years.

That is where this lifestyle blog comes in. I am literally getting my life back! I am a writer, actress, dancer, fitness enthusiast, education advocate, and lifestyle coach in-training that is making a come back. There are a ton of goals and projects that I want to share, lots of blog posts that I want to write, and a plethora of advice that I would love to give.

On top of that, one of my ultimate goals this year, is to have a profitable digital marketing copywriting business. As I journey through that endeavor, this blog will feature my successes and failures throughout that process as well.

I want everyone who comes to my blog to know that they can have it all. Do not let the drones of this world stop you from doing the things that you love and accomplishing the goals that you have. That is why this website is called, “The World is My Stage.” The world is my stage, and I plan on putting on one heck of a show.

So there you have it folks. That is me in a nutshell. If you want to learn even more about me, my blog awaits you!