why I love YA books

Why I Love YA Books

Hello All!

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I will probably write a blog on why i love YA books at least ten different times, but this will be my first time doing so.I did not plan on writing about this topic, but now I feel compelled to.

Just in case you did not know, YA stands for, “Young Adult.” It is safe to say that I have a pretty deep obsession with YA books. As a result, I have been asked countless times why I love them so much. Today, I realized that I have never truly thought about the answer to that question. 

The open-mindedness of YA characters is what initially comes to my mind. Even though tough situations and experiences have entered and affected many of the young characters lives, there is still this open-mindedness about them that is extremely refreshing.

Brave, free, and forgiving are how I would describe a lot of YA characters. The boundaries and false limitations that the world tries to subject us to, do not tend to influence YA characters.

Young adult characters are not like a lot of adults that I am surrounded by on a daily basis. They are still willing to try when things go wrong; are willing to dream even when told their dreams are silly; and are willing to endure pain for the things and people that they are passionate about. I just love that! It reminds me to remember who I am, what I want, and where I want to go.

After writing this article, it is safe to say that I discovered a plethora of answer that answer, why I love YA books. For today’s post I just wanted to throw out my first raw thought(s).

What about you all? Why do you all love YA books? I would love to learn about your perspectives and thoughts on YA books.

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